So for my companies website, which is for a finTech product, our logged out view has a classic header with all the key pages spaced along the top. However once logged in, which gives access to our application, the navigation switches to a sidebar on the left, as obviously with logging into your account you gain access to different pages with different priorities to the logged out view, which is all about providing information and incentive to want to sign up.

As part of our user testing for a massive UI overhaul, one user mentioned she felt a bit unnerved switching navigational styles once logged in and that it created a disconnect between landing on the website vs getting into the actual service provided.

In the 9-ish months this has been the format of the website its the first time its come up in any context so it got me curious, is this an odd practice we use or does it make sense to switch navigational style if its to help establish the two very different intentions of the two views?

Many thanks for any insights!


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