I am working on displaying offers (consisting of 3 - 4 plans) in table style and am currently stuck in showing the prices. I was working on showing offers per column / vertically with having the price at the bottom of the offer as it's not eCommerce and only an informative site. I also believe that this display will be convenient for browsing the offers on a mobile responsive view. (Offer 1 in attached photo)

Saying this, I found another offer that has multiple items (around 8 items) and I find it better to display them horizontally. (Offer 2 in attached photo) enter image description here

My question is, how can I unify both displays no matter the number of the items in order not to confuse users?

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There are several ways


enter image description here


Selectable rows with hidden info which can be displayed in full screen after pressing the View more icon:




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