What is the best way to display this information?


I am in the process of creating an application form for a Scottish college. We have 8-9 accessibility statements for applicants to select in one question.

My challenge

Within these 9 statements we have 3 that are not part of a checkbox selection and are more related to radio buttons - because they shouldn't be selected with any other statement. With all the options on the page there is a bigger risk of cognitive overload that I'm very aware of too.

Statements example (checkboxes)

  • A specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHDA social/communication impairment such as Asperger’s syndrome/other autistic spectrum disorder
  • A long standing illness or health condition such as cancer, HIV, diabetes, chronic heart disease or epilepsy
  • Deaf or hearing impairment

3 other statements (radio buttons)

  • A disability impairment or medical condition that is not listed above
  • No known disability
  • Prefer not to answer

What would be the best way to display the 9 statements?

To improve skim reading I've broken the statement up and added a bold title with further information under the title (hoping this will get past approval). But what is the best way to include the 3 other statements?

Guidelines of list

  • Applicants can select multiple statements which are true
  • The wording can not change e.g be shortened
  • The UI component needs to be clear and easy to read/select on desktop & mobile
  • Improving accessibility is our main reason for updating the form

Wireframe example:

wireframe list of checkboxes


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The statements of the three radio buttons belong to another group of checkboxes, usually called Other. Indenting the radio button group below the Other checkbox will suffice, so you can add an expand/collapse or enable/disable effect when is checked or unchecked.

enter image description here


The title is a "yes or no" question and the checkboxes above are part of the yes if user selects yes, you can then ask them to select which disability they have + the first statement A disability impairment or medical condition that is not listed above as "other" as it's title no = No known disability and another option - I prefer not to answer

to conclude: question: "Do you have a disability or learning difficulty?"

3 radio buttons:

  • yes
  • no (No known disability)
  • I prefer no to answer

if yes is selected,

question: "select all statements that best describe your support needs."

show all checkboxes + add "other- A disability impairment or medical condition that is not listed above" as the last one.

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