I'm working on User Management System in ASP.NET MVC3. Administrator/Editor can search, insert, update and delete other users from the system.

What should I do when admin/editor clicks on Delete user link? Should I redirect him to new yes/no confirmation page or display some jquery popup window?

Should I then redirect him to the home page and display message The user has been successfully deleted from the system, or simple redirection should be just fine?


Why not the flash message:

You've deleted the user Jon Doe. _Undo?_

I'd personally rather give the user the ability to fail and fix it rather than impose popups and confirmations on every delete action.


I would not opt for a separate confirmation pages or dialog boxes because I feel you * punish* a missclick too heavily.

Generally I don't like the flash message: what happens when they delete a user wrongfully but for some reason miss the flash message (internet issues, just don't see it). I think you should only take this route if the action can be undone at a later stage (eg gmail).

What I would go for:

when the delete action is clicked, switch the delete action into a confirmation message

John Doo | edit | delete

when delete is clicked. remove the edit | delete actions with javascript into:

John Doo | delete user? yes no

"yes" deletes the user, "no" puts it back to the initial state


You can surely ping the user for mistakenly clicking delete button. Show a popup or something. Then the redirection should happen to the users list page so that admin can verify that the user has been deleted along with a confirmation message (user has been deleted) at the top of the user list


At my company we build last week (no joke ;) ) a user management page with ASP.NET MVC3 and we decided to have an delete icon (red cross) next to the user. If you click on this icon we display a popup message (realised with jQuery) where we ask whether he wants do delete User NAME. When he does, we display a success message above the user table.

The standard scaffolding way by ASP is this extra delete page but I think the user would feel this extra way to another page and back to much for this kind of task.


Actions which cannot be undone or which are difficult to undo should always prompt for confirmation.

Similarly, most actions should give feedback saying they've been completed successfully or not.

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