I m testing new consept of dashboard aplication.

Does anyone know which approach is better Alt 1 or Alt2 and if you can argue through some examples on Web / or give me some advice?

What is simpliest way for user? to edit and save work directly in component or to save work in footer (group of CTA) ?

enter image description here

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Alt 1 & Alt 2 can be useful in different scenarios. Alt 1 approach can be used if user needs to edit each component separately and update as per requirement. Alt 2 approach can be used if users need to edit/update most of the components frequently. This would save few clicks but managing that many components together is big task for users.

  • Thanks @Yobuddy ! Do you think is it smart to use both options in one page or I need to choose one of these two? What is best practise here?
    – Bane
    20 hours ago
  • @Bane Use only one option here which is best for your users and scenario, thanks!
    – Yobuddy
    19 hours ago

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