I am trying to improve this status bar, I have been looking for ways to improve it but the only solutions I can come up with are to add a percent number on the left or right or change the color to represent the urgency of the status. If anyone has any potential solutions I would appreciate the help.

Current Status bar

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    Why do want to improve that status bar? What is the goal of the improvement? yesterday
  • The only improvement I would advise based on your question/image is that there should be some way of knowing how long or how many steps it will take to complete. It isn't always possible to give a concrete timing so a percentage will do but, unless you have some other goal to accomplish here, that's all you need. yesterday
  • What is it that you feel is currently missing? In what regards is this status bar lacking conveying information to the user? You can't improve something if you don't know what's to improve. In other words, what's the goal of the status bar and how is it not accomplishing this goal?
    – Kriem
    16 hours ago


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