Situation: we have a list of checkboxes, and the list itself can be filtered based on a few different dropdown menus.

If a user checks something, then changes the filters so that item is no longer displayed, should it be included when the user submits the form? By “should” here I mean, is there any convention around this that is going to inform users’ expectations and mental models?

On the one hand, it seems odd to include selections that aren’t visible when Submit is clicked. On the other, it seems a plausible workflow to filter for X, check it, filter for Y, check it, filter for Z, check it, and expect you’re submitting X, Y, and Z.

Obviously, the best option is to ask our users, or perform an A/B test, or redesign things. None of those is an option right now; right now we need to just implement one or the other for next week’s deadline. Since we have a week, I have time to do either one; since we only have a week, I don’t have time to go back to the customer and get opinions and redesign. If the answer is that there is no convention or recommended best practice, that’s fine; I can just pick one. I just don’t to if it turns out there is a “generally right” answer, as I might pick the “generally wrong” one.


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