I'm about to conduct some user interviews to understand better about our customers full journey (both inside and outside our platform) as well as what key messages from a branding/marketing perspective will resonate best with our users. I'm working in a start up, so the company/brand itself hasn't been around a long time nor has it been fully fleshed out. For example, we went live with the MVP targeting a specific persona group and features relevant to them, and soon will be going live with features that are targeted to another persona group. I'm just adding this for context just in case.

I'm not sure of the best approach to my questioning in order to dissect what concepts/messaging will resonate best with them. I want to extract our company/brand from the equation so as to eliminate any priming or bias in their responses. I was thinking that understanding their journey and goals/motivations might help us better understand what will resonate with them. Would love some outside opinions, any previous experience trying to do similar research, etc.

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