I'm excited and pretty new to the Usability testing part of product design. I was wondering if it was okay to ask participants what they thought of the moderators tone, questions, etc. during a usability post-test?

I feel like its not something I should include there, but I'd like to hear from you guys alternatives for that as I'd love to get better as I go.

Thanks in advanced for your time!

  • I personally try to stay away from these kinds of questions whenever possible. I try to make my studies as objective as they can get, so I have a set of questions prepared beforehand. But that is my personal opinion and the way I work. It might help you be better, or it might not. I got together this site that could help you, check it out if you want: usability-testing.org/usability-testing-questions. There you can find a handy set of rules to follow when trying to research what questions to ask. Hope you find it useful, JT
    – JeremyT
    Jun 6 at 7:43


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