We're currently using MUI tabs.

If a user selects ITEM TWO in this example, is the expectation to persist this tab after the user refreshes the page? Or should it default back to ITEM ONE?

enter image description here

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Yes, persist the tab. If a user is refreshing the page, most of the time it means something went wrong and they got stuck. It's a good practice to help them get back to what they were trying to do as quickly as possible.


I agree with izquierdo. While the refresh might not be a problem as such - the user might've been pulled away and the web app logged out, the user might be refreshing data, etc. - for many users, especially frequent SaaS users, the tab they're on at a given moment is likely to be their most-used tab. So let the place they last left themselves at persist. It's only one click to go to a different tab.

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