I work as a UX writer and I am trying to understand what steps a UX writer must follow before beginning a UX writing project.

At present, I talk to stakeholders first, conduct independent research, analyse, content design and lastly the audit.

A lot of times I work on work in progress screens and if suddenly the flow changes the UX writing also changes. Should I work on finalised screens or keep working on work in progress screens?

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You have two scenarios here. One that considers work in progress (WIP) and another that has you working over finished work.

Both scenarios are possible, and neither is wrong. I know that many people (probably most) like to work on finished versions, but working on WIP is a way to discover possibilities and pain points. Also: technically, there is no end to research, and it is possible that a "finished" screen will change the research results once you add your part.

Either way, if you want a more structured approach, do not work on UX Writing until after the mockup phase. On the other hand, if your content changes something (and believe me, it will), then the mockup or prototype will need to be retested, so it's kind of a chicken-and-egg problem

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