Im new here & I have come in search of a few answers that I might have in lines of UI/UX.

Current approach:

I'm in the process of creating a Web app and it has multiple Screens which can be navigated between with the help of the Nav Bar on the left. Users who initially signup/login would land on a Dashboard. From there they would navigate to a screen called "organisations" via the Nav menu as shown below.

enter image description here

After the user fills in details in this screen he is expected to click the "Submit" Button on the top right. Then a Modal comes up providing the user a hotlink to go to the "Proposals" Screen. Proposals Screen below:

enter image description here

Once the User fills the "Proposal Details" on this screen he is expected to hit "Submit Proposal" button on the top right as well.

Problem to Solve:

How to combine both "Submit Organisation" button & "Submit Proposal" button into a single function button which does both the actions in one click?

Flow is -> 1st Org Details then 2nd Proposal.

My Personal Thinking:

let Both "Submit" buttons work separately. (or) reword the buttons into "send for approval" on respective screens & then after "button" is clicked on Proposals screen take user to Dashboard where they can do a combined "Submit" of Org. details & Proposals.

Please do let me know what would be a good approach to this / as well as if my thinking is correct or not. Feedback is highly appreciated and I look forward to learning from everyone here!

Thanks & Regards SA


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