CURRENT SITUATION: Developers are using Angular Material library for building a desktop SAAS application. PROBLEM: Solutions are old, UI is inconsistent, various paddings, increasing UX debt, etc. GOAL: Keeping UI consistency, reducing UX debt, stanadrize application screens, elements, paddings, etc.

After speaking with devs - possible solution is to create pattern library in figma and then match it with developers framework in storybook. But I think it might solve issues with components (elements), but what should we do with big dialogues, complex tables, screens? Designing every tables/dialogues with right padding and transfer this task to devs is not a great solution. Is there other way to fix it?

Please share your thoughts!

  • Schedule recurring pairing sessions with a developer where you work on improving a page or area together. Maybe an afternoon every week, depending on availability.
    – Martyn
    May 25 at 19:51


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