Anyone see any problem with a series of GO buttons for each step of a mobile diagnostic app?

That is, when user starts iPhone app, user sees titling, a couple of optional config controls,
and a big GO button. User presses GO, view changes, user is asked to do something and then tap another GO button. This repeats a couple times. Finally, there's a STOP button shown instead of GO.

This is for an iPhone app that checks performance of our health wearable.

This will only be used by in-house (mostly engineering) personnel, and also executive team including CEO to verify performance of wearable, such as on a golf course.

I want to minimize user having to stop and interpret the meaning of a different button title at each step -- so they just get used to: GO ... GO ... GO ... GO ... STOP boom, they're done.

(maybe "DONE" instead of STOP..)

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Depending on if a user can go a to a previous step, having a "BACK" and "GO" button to navigate through each view doesn't give much insight, but it would be helpful to describe each "view" with a specific name.

That way, you could name each "BACK" button the previous view, and each "GO" to the next view. If you give each view a name and display what category they are currently viewing, users will always know where they were previously, where they are currently, and what the next step will be.

Then after they are all done, make the button describe what they will see when they submitted. (i.e. "VIEW REPORT", "SEND DATA")

(Also, progress bars are extremely helpful to users to know how far they are along the sequence.)

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