Is there a good UI pattern for this sort of specific select case?

There is a search field for labels/tags. The user has 3 options they can select from to refine their search. These options are grouped into two sets.

Set 1: 2 options ['Case sensitivity' & 'Starts with'], the user can select one or both of these options.

Set 2: 1 option [Switch to 'Regex' syntax].

The user can use either or both options from Set 1 but not Set 2 or they can use Set 2 but not any of the options from set 1.

Essentialy it boils down to you can use THESE [Set 1] OR you can use THIS [Set 2]. Set 1 acts like a set of checkboxes whereas Set 2 is more like a radio button.

Without using checkboxes and a radio button how else could i best provide this functionality in a UI that still looks and feels intuitive.

Here is the current design: The icons don't really feel standard aside from the case senstivity so i'm not sure how much value they add:

Current design in product

Here is my proposed solution: Using switches and lables to make things clearer but would still require a level of experiential learning and interacting with the components to figure out how it works.

Proposed solution

FYI: Ideally I would usability test this new design but I haven't been afford the time to do this which is less than ideal!

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