I am currently working on a 'to-do list' page in which management-level users can filter to-dos by a number of options (e.g. the department they're from, who manages the to-do list item, etc.).

At present, the filter section of the page also contain a view option. This allows managers to choose whether to view the results by all users' to-do lists (e.g. Barry has 4 items, Carrie has 5, etc.) or by individual to-do list items (e.g. for the latter, this may be all users who need to complete a report or book a meeting, etc).

I feel the view option may be more appropriately placed outside of the filter. In this case, once you've filtered your items you could simply toggle your view between the two view modes to change the way the results are organised/grouped.

However, I'd be very interested to hear if there's a reason that the view option should actually remain as part of the filter?

I'm not permitted to send a screenshot at this stage, so if any of the above doesn't make sense, I'll do my best to clarify! Thanks very much.

  • It will be super hard to judge this without seeing the actual UI, the location of the elements and the layout. A good starting point is always to ask your users.
    – Nash
    May 10 at 10:53
  • I don't quite understand the difference between a filter and a view. According to the explanation, the view type can be one more filter instead of a different option.
    – Danielillo
    May 10 at 14:11


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