Any insight or recent supporting research for or against having menu commands accessible in more than one menu?

This applies to a web app that would allow you to design items similar to Keynote or Google Slides.

The main menu contains all the commands, thinking that all accessible commands are to be found and grouped by use. Then contextual menus are available for each type of object, text, images, and shape and allow access to menu items that manipulate an item along with related commands for attributes for the object. (object settings that require a range of attributes present a modal when accessed by the main menu or context menu. Think as if you wanted to set a gradient for an object. This would be done by a modal that present these settings.)

The items are supported by settings panels that allow the user to dial in more detailed settings when needed.

Is having all commands accessible in the three different approaches overkill? Have main menus been scaled back in modern web apps and rely more on panels and context menus? Keep in mind these are desktop-focused and not mobile or touch-optimized.

I've attached an example image using a text box as a brief example. The panels would normally have icons with settings. These are represented as dropdowns for settings to keep the wireframe brief.

enter image description here


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