I am designing a workflow for sending reminders to parties(vendors) in bulk. The idea is to allow users to select which party they want to send a reminder to (all or some). After selecting on parties, they are taken to a two step process of selecting the email template they want to use and a contact review step.

My question is around the contact review screen. It's common where our users can have as many as 100s or 1000s of parties with multiple contacts in each. If that's the case, should we still display the list of all contacts even if there are 1000s. My question is, does it reach a point where users won't even review the list because it's so long.

enter image description here

The two options I am thinking of is:

  1. Show the list of contacts and allow users to view for the "peace of mind"
  2. Don't show the list and instead summarize. "You are about to send a request to x contact.

I'm not really sure what the best direction to take here.

Thank you!

  • Please clarify your specific problem or provide additional details to highlight exactly what you need. As it's currently written, it's hard to tell exactly what you're asking.
    – Community Bot
    Apr 29 at 21:47


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