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This icon shows how many items a user has added to the cart. In this case items A, B, C, E and F. Now let's imagine that the user adds two more units for item C.

So the updated cart is:

A - 1 unit
B - 1 unit
C - 3 units
D - 1 unit
E - 1 unit

What should that counter display? 5 (beacause of the different items) or 7 (because of the total number of units)?

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The number should show the total number of products contained in the purchase based on their individual price. This means all products with a single price, whether it's just an item or a pack.

In the example of the question, the three items C are not part of a pack, they have a unit price, so the total purchase number to show is seven. It would only be five if the three C items are part of a pack with a single total price.

You must think exactly the same as if it were a real purchase:

  1. You buy two apples, a banana and a pear = 4 items
  2. You add three more pears = 7 items
  3. But then you discover there's a tray of four pears at a better price, you remove the individual pears and buy the pack. You have two apples, a banana, and a pack, regardless of its content = 4 items

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