Are there any design guides or existing studies that provide recommendations for the spring force (e.g. initial force [lb, kg] and force increase [lb/in, kg/mm]) of a physical momentary push button that provides comfortable use but also a "well-built" feel (for an adult with normal finger function)?

The buttons I have in mind would be about the size of a finger tip, and directly control quick-release mechanical latching clips (so you'd press, then probably hold for ~1 second while manipulating the device), with about 3.5mm travel. They're printed parts, and I need to find some springs to put behind them but there's a huge range of options.

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I suggest that you look into ergonomic standards and tables and find the one that fits your use case the best. For example, this is from Cummins Corp

enter image description here

But other sources say that the recommended force shouldn't exceed 3 lbs (Ergoweb)

enter image description here

Or even 2 lbs (same site, different context).

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    Oh amazing, thank you so much for this; and for some good search keywords. I knew it was out there somewhere.
    – Jason C
    Feb 13, 2022 at 6:16

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