Does anyone have actual usability study / testing research around the most effective solutions for language switches, or even dealing with linguistically fragmented content on an information website?

I'm working on an information website that's mostly in English, but has some pages in Spanish. I'd like to examine any established secondary research that shows what has been tested with regard to efficacy of switching languages, or perceived gaps in language content parity.

ux.stackexchange has plenty of opinions and commentary on the subject, but I've struggled to find actual usability testing results on the subject.

  • If you want to find a good article with research findings, you have to combine this search equerry with the word "accessibility", because if you want to create a proper solution, you also have to follow the rules of accessibility itself. The biggest issue with the language switchers, that they usually think about it as an aesthetics problem (how it will fit into the UI), and not as an accessibility issue. Apr 13 at 7:25

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This seems to be a very niche and specific question that may not have any detailed user testing associated with it.

When you are talking about the efficacy of language switches, do you mean whether there's loss of information in user understanding or if it disrupts the flow of information comprehension for the user? This would not be the case for a bilingual user for example, or if there are other features integrated with the website (e.g. Google Translate extension) that allows some level of translation of the content. Generally people who design websites will do so for a primary language and provide localization for the content.

However, if it is intended to be displayed in more than one language (with the majority in just one language) then you would expect it to be catered for because it is only a small fraction of the content.

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