For tables/matrix in printed paper is very common to see the 2 axis/header titles separated by a diagonal bar titles separated by diagonal bar

Also common to see in printed probability/impact matrix

risk matrix with a separation diagonal bar

However, HTML or excel(AFAIK) doesn't allow this visualization, so previous style is not common to see in digital content.

I think the more standard/common options are:

Fig.1 excel example1 Fig.2 excel example2 Fig.3 excel example3

Fig1 has be the format/style more compatible with CSV (just missing color and bold)

Are there other options? Is there any theory or study about this type of tables? What do you think is the best solution in terms of UX?

Is there any modern language or technology that supports the cell with 2 values separated by a diagonal bar?

  • 1
    CSS solution in SO, Excel solution here
    – Danielillo
    Feb 8 at 10:17
  • I see it too complicated, i was hoping a more "simple/standard" solution. At the moment a solution based in fig3 is working fine Feb 16 at 15:00


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