I'm developing a stand-alone, cross-platform desktop app for Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux. I've read these ([1], [2]) questions and concluded that I'll have to cherry pick guidelines from all three HIGs as the end-users span across the three platforms with Mac users > Windows Users >> GNU/Linux users. I was thinking about using a platform-agnostic HIG, but struggled to find modern ones. The most complete one I found was this archaic style guide for WxWidgets from 2006.

While being very old, a lot of the guidelines still hold true 15+ years later. Does it make sense to follow this guide or is that ridiculous?


The guidelines seem way too old to rely on them, even though they are written for cross-platform desktop applications.

If there are no cross-platform human interface guidelines that are not that old, it seems reasonable to follow Apple human interface guidelines. They are considered one of the best in the field and for the most part, can be used as general guidelines not specific for Apple interfaces.

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