Looking for an indicator example that would be the best way that indicates live support is available for a site. Any current examples that do this successfully? Site examples?

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    What do you mean by "live support"? A human agent answering questions? A devops team to ensure the site is up? Jan 14 at 17:40
  • A live support team to answer questions along with phone support that acts independently that is always available during hours that routes to anyone available. Jan 24 at 5:11

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From what I have investigated it depends a bit on the app, how often would you expect support requests. If it is something where you need to run pretty advanced processes and can easily get stuck, I would go for the bottom-right "chat" style icon or something like that - so it is always visible and you can easily reach it.

The other place you could indicate that is the top-right, basically exactly as it is put up here on StackExchange - have a chat icon on the top.

You might use some more advanced issue recognition, for example, you expect some actions in a business process and you see no input is given from the user, pop up a question if they need live help from your consultants (just be very careful not to overdo it as it can easily make users angry if they get that happening too often when they need no help).

  • Thank you for the response, I was trying to avoid the floating bottom right icon. But it might be the best option. I was looking to make the icon visible if you click on support & a modal launches with various options including chat. Jan 24 at 5:08

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