I have designed a notification center for my app. I would like to make sure users can't turn - off some types of in-app notifications: comments and replies.

Our app should be GDPR compliant. Is it okay to keep some of the notification types mandatory? Should users be able to turn-off all in-app notifications?

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What you are asking can also be categorised as "User Consent". As per GDPR, it is mandatory to take the Consent of the user to collect data and use the data for push notification.

However, in-app messaging, which is considered as part of the app experience, does not actually require an opt-in from the user. Although, be careful, as not all in-app messaging is classed as user experience and would still need consent if this channel is being used purely for marketing.

Here is an in-depth article link that I found useful. Hope this helps you.

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