A few years ago I was attenting a conference for frontend web developers about good UX/UI with focus on how buttons in online shops should behave.

In my hand written notes I found the following: DIN ISO 9241-11 (Usability: effective, efficient and satisfactory)

Now I sadly can not really find helpful information on google on how this ISO norm connects to good website UX/UI. I did find this: http://www.uml.org.cn/jiaohu/pdf/s1022.pdf which talks about the basics of Usability.

But this got me thinking, is there a international norm which I could use as base for a style guide? Or did someone already do so?

I am not only interested in web design but also in windows applications. Ideally answers reference german or english sources.

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I think that's exactly what the intention of the ISO standards are for, although I am not sure why they are not more commonly referenced.

If you look at ISO 9241-210:2010(en) Ergonomics of human-system interaction — Part 210: Human-centred design for interactive systems, there are so many different sections that can easily be applied or adopted for a design system or style guide.

In fact, here are some examples of how the information in the ISO standard has been applied in the design process that you can reference, and how this is essentially very similar to the more popular double-diamond and design thinking processes.

enter image description here

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