I need some directions, currently I have a list, if I click one of the items, one modal is shown with information about the item previously selected, and a list of its children, so if I click one of its children the modal information is updated, I mean, the modal shows information of children previously selected, so in the modal I have a button that close it. I just want to change that button to go back, so if I click go back the modal information will update and show previously information, I mean information of parent....

Have you ever encountered this problem?

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    Dec 3, 2021 at 13:56
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If I understood correctly the list is not a list but a tree (since an item has children) to show details in a modal and then changing context within the modal seems very confusing to me.

Is a modal to show details the only way to show details of a list item? Would it be possible to show the list as tree? How is the list used? Du users often have to see details of a child item? How many child items are there? Does a child item have also children? etc.

Not knowing the answer to the questions above and assuming the modal has to be a modal I would suggest the following.

If the list which triggers the modal is a list only and not a tree show the tree within the modal and use a master detail pattern. Use one part of the screen for the tree and one part for the details of the selected node. This way it is not necessary to have a back button an the context is always visible.

enter image description here

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