I'm wondering if anyone has any examples of a website you really like that does a great job at guiding a user through a form with different types of input fields, ideally without clicking out of the window.

I'm the only designer on my team and currently, there is a form to request documents, but it displays every input field to the user and appears kind of complicated. But since there is a hierarchy, the user doesn't even need to enter all of the information. I'm trying to think about a better way to design for this to guide/focus attention and only show relevant information.

For example, if a user wants to get a property report, they can input an address and request it. They don't need to enter anything else. If they don't have an address, they can enter a county, zip, etc. and then request. If they don't have that, then they could enter a certain ID number. And so on.

I am looking at sites that simplify really annoying processes, like TurboTax and even some checkout flows, but I'm also really interested in B2B solutions too. I apologize if this question was confusing, but thanks SO much for any insight! :)

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  • Hi. We can't really list of examples of X here, because this site is about specific answers to specific questions. If you can rephrase the question more around "I have {problem X}, I've tried doing {solution A} but it isn't working because {reason} so what is a better solution?" then that would fit better with this site.
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