I am a UX/UI design student and I want to do unmoderated usability studies but I can't find any platform to do it properly.

I started to build my whole usability test on Maze, which was perfect for me until I found out I can only have 7 boards in my Usability test and I need more. Upgrading is $33/month if I pay monthly which is not bad, but when I wanted to check out, the price has doubled because you NEED to pay for two people(?)

I checked most of the usability testing tools (like UserZoom, Lookback, MarvelApp, UxCam, UsabilityHub, etc.) but the only way to sign up for most of them is with a company, and I need a company email address and/or it's $500/month.

I am a student. I am broke. I just want to do a proper unmoderated usability study. I know I can do it with simple screen and audio recordings and just send them the Figma link but... still.

Is there a proper tool to do unmoderated usability testing as an individual? I need to make multiple testings since I'm working on case studies to be able to build a portfolio, and get a job etc. etc.

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