I'm a developer so maybe this question is very basic. Is it a good practice to use forms inside modals with many inputs (more than 5 inputs including date-pickers, text inputs, textarea...)?. I am developing a web aplication and I'm not sure what to use for creating data: new pages or modals. Thanks to everyone

  • Hi @xespinos, there are several questions with this topic. Type "form modal" at the search field to find them. Duplicate 2 , Duplicate 3...
    – Danielillo
    Commented Nov 15, 2021 at 16:29

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There isn't a real limit on the number of inputs for a modal window form, but there are other considerations:

  1. Should the user be prevented from working on any other tasks? If so, that's a modal.
  2. Does the user need to reference anything else on the page while working on the form? If so, you might consider a sheet.
  3. If the user accidentally closes the modal by clicking outside of the window, will they lose a lot of work? If so, consider a sheet or a page.
  4. Does your form combine a lot of different tasks, rather than providing one thing for the user to do? If so, consider making that a page.

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