I was brought into a project to improve the general UX/UI of an web application.

The section of the application where I have hit a roadblock works like this:

  1. User enters Information and selects options in preceding sections of the application
  2. User reaches the section to Generate a document
  3. User Selects the ‘Generate’ button
  4. A new version Generated Document appears in a list below the button
  5. User Selects a Download button for the Generated Document Version they wish to utilise
  6. User manually completes the document (outside of the application)
  7. User Selects to Upload and place the finalised document in the system (this will later be discoverable by a QA Department user)


Any help to improve on this flow would be appreciated.


  • Can you share more information about the users and their workflow and explain what exactly has to be improved and why?
    – jazZRo
    Nov 9 at 12:13
  • Welcome to UX StackExchange. This might be considered a "site review"; could you please edit your question to describe the problem you're trying to solve?
    – Izquierdo
    Nov 9 at 14:35

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