In the case of a multi-select field, I would like to know the best practice:

  • Hide the choices that have already been selected (the list gets smaller as you go along)enter image description hereenter image description here

  • Leave the choices already selected with a "selected" status enter image description here

In which case use what?

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Leave the choices already selected with a "selected" status causes the user to be forced to scroll down to see the other items, personally I see it as irrelevant noise.

1001fonts.com has some possible solutions:

  • The chosen elements are integrated into the list field
  • They have the X icon to deselect
  • There's an optimized use of space when using words in paragraph instead of the vertical list
  • The list ranks the options to choose using typographic variables: bolder on top and lighter at the bottom
  • There are buttons to show more or less options

enter image description here

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