I'm creating a wizard type blog article builder, but I'm having difficulties thinking of a nice way to display the total character count. The form is split up into 4 text areas (Introduction, Lead In, Body and wrap Up). The user is allowed to create blog posts up to 7000 characters. I wanted to display a total character count on each section (You have a total of 7000 characters remaining), so the user can see how many characters they have available regardless of what section they're filling in. Unfortunately, I was told by a dev that this isn't possible. They've asked me to display only one total count at the end of the form.

This isn't a great idea as the form is quite long, and it's not practical for a user to keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page to check how many characters are remaining. I've played around with a sticky label that displays the count, but I'm keen to see if there are any existing patterns out there?

  • You created a bit of a puzzle for your users: If they need 7000 characters for their story, they have to figure out how to spread them over 4 sections. Isn't it a better idea to limit the amount of characters per section?
    – jazZRo
    Nov 8, 2021 at 12:10


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