Currently, I am planning a web app that will be something like Google Forms, though with a different model. I'd really appreciate any opinions you have regarding better UX and a more sensible approach. I would be even happier if anyone has a solution to this that hasn't occurred to me yet.

User type 1 (Admin): They are the admins of the workspace(much like Slack) where they have the ability to invite other admins to access the workspace and Invited admins have access to functionalities of the workspace dependent on their role i.e. Role-based permissions.

The role-based permissions are as follows

  1. Admin - They have complete access to the workspace, including upgrading subscriptions
  2. Editor: They can view and edit content, but their functionality is limited
  3. Viewer - Can only see content within the workspace they're in

User type 2( Normal user ) - The administrators will create a form and invite the normal users by including their email addresses or sharing the link ( e.g., a google form )

In the landing page, both user types have separate login flows, but only the user type 1 can sign up

As type 2 users, they are only able to sign up via the invitation shared by admin, so they can fill out the form, but to access their dashboard, they will need to log in via the login page.

The invited admin can also have their own workspace, as they may be the owner of another workspace, but when they are invited by another admin, they are added to the workspace to access the data.

  • What is your question then? Why not just send them an email along the lines of "Bob invited you to join his workspace. [Big button with sign up]"?
    – Nash
    Oct 28, 2021 at 7:53
  • @Nash When opening the invitation link they should view the form not the signup because I don't want the user to start with signup flow Oct 28, 2021 at 11:03


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