Does the definition of a Kanban board permit stacked lists? In other words, can an individual column contain multiple lists (rows). If not, is there another design similar to a Kanban board that does permit this?

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if you check out the Jira Kanban board, you'll see a stacked list where the tasks stacked on the board are consolidated based on the epics enter image description here

  • Good point, thank you.
    – Oliver
    Commented Oct 28, 2021 at 14:46

These are typically called Kanban Swimlanes.

Swimlanes are used to categorize tasks so users can more easily find the task they are looking for:

  • by customer or project
  • by team
  • by priority (sometimes called "classes of service"). Example: the "expedite" swimlane in the screenshot by Siddarth Maran.

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