Which of the options do you think to have better usability for the product cards for a grocery app (Shoppers) enter image description here

The problem: I need to give to shoppers a better visualization of the basic products information in a smooth way for them don't get confused y make their process more easy and fast

Solution: I think is a lot of information for a card so I tried to organize the information in a way that I considered clear and give a better reading

so in A we have in the top left the product name, in the top right the location of the product in-store and in the center of the cards the picture, the order quantity and other information that help to picker the product in a better way like reference, price, and barcode

At the bottom of the card, I have a client comment if the client sends one

In B we had the same information but the difference is that I display the order quantity at the same level that the product name and the location is now in the center

Leave me to know what you think! Thanks for the feedback


The only way to know is to do A/B testing

I personally prefer A

B would be better if you could somehow distinguish the 3x from the Item Name with a more distinct styling or color.

Right now the quantity of the item is more obvious to me in design A.

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