I have recently started as a UI/UX designer at a new company, where I am working mainly on a mobile app product but also a website. There was a big visual renovation done by a couple of consultants on these a while ago, after which no one has really worked on it.

The problem is that the Figma files left behind by the consultants are a bit of a mess (to put it lightly), and the handoff to developers has been very lacking.

I have experience with creating design systems, but not when the "damage" has already been done. Apparently doing any changes to the website and app is a lot of work, because there is not a comprehensive library of styles and components and a lot of stuff is done by hand. Each developer has worked in their own way, doing their best to replicate the Figma layouts. Like I said, it's pretty bad and I'm having a hard time to figure out where to start with this.

I'd love to hear if anyone has been in a similar situation, and has been able to successfully do a big change like this to a product that was already implemented without a design system. I'd like to hear how you worked together with the developers and how you were able to solve these issues... if you were able to, that is.

Thank you in advance!

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