I have a website that used to display a number of products which are available for purchase in-store. It was more like a product portfolio/catalog using WooCommerce. Given the pandemic, we had to start switching our sales online, and therefore we started making some of the products available for sale on the website and also adding new ones.

We found ourselves though in a situation where we have a mix of products going on, some or which are available for purchase online and some which are only available in-store. We'd like to somehow make this clearer to the user that we now have an online shop.

We'd like to have a new link like "Shop" in the main menu to make it more evident that we have products for sale on the website now. However the issue we're encountering are:

  1. There will be an overlap in the previous section (product catalog) as it will include both in-store and online products.
  2. Since we're using woocommerce, when you click on a particular product category which we show under the Shop link, it will be highlighting the old product catalog as well since technically it is part of that navigation tree too.

What would be the ideal way to go around this? I was thinking of merging the two and have one tab Shop, however it doesn't make sense to show products which are not available for sale online (and the ratio at the moment is like for every 1 product which is available for sale, there are 2 products which are only available in-store).

The website is available here: https://bit.ly/3nEePuP

  • Hi, welcome to ux.stackexchange. Regarding question 1: This forum is about general questions about user experience and not about fixing one problem for one person. So maybe you could frame the question a bit broader. Regarding question 2: We don't deal with technical implementation here.
    – Nash
    Sep 13 at 6:11

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