There is a total section on my dashboard and below that, a grid with all the list of data. As a total number of items and their total values need to show on top of the grid distributed among categories, I designed something as per the below screenshot, but want to validate that UX-wise it's ok, or is there a better pattern?

Screenshot of total section:

enter image description here

So in the above design, each box contains below details:

  1. Total Profit/Order.
  2. Total Record/Order count.
  3. Title of that box.

I also tried another way to show data in a grid as shown in the below screenshot.

Grid Data screenshot:

enter image description here

How can I improve this so users can get the idea that 1st one is for what value and 2nd one is for what?

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Here's one quick solution for correcting given layout. Cards With One Major and One Minor Values

1.Primary Title
2.Primary Amount
3.Secondary Amount with title

Hope this helps.


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