I just need one or two advice, regarding on this new booking system as the developer team create it without my knowledge and didn't ask me for advice or design UX before they went developed it and it on staging app and now they are not sure

the current one

enter image description here

We use when the custom book it through "request booking" and the message alert box will appear on it. we are using Stripe Credit card for lat 2-3 years.

At the moment, clients want google pay and apple pay on it. but Developer team or leader didn't inform me, and they went ahead to add google pay/ Apple pay.

The new function is when they click request booking button as same as before but alert message is removed and the next function is showing two button (google pay and Credit card) as customers can have two choice.

Now they ask me for advice (as it already developed) they are not sure with the word "Saved Credit Card" they ask me what is correct word.

enter image description here

the advice I'm asking you, I don't like it. what should i said

  • "Saved Credit Card" implies that the user cannot add a new credit card through this payment system, is that correct?
    – Izquierdo
    Jul 2 at 15:43
  • the "saved Credit Card" is bad idea, they just create as it go along, the user have credit card details in the profile. Jul 3 at 9:15

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