I have two radio options, and one password field. Yes is checked, password below is mandatory and can be entered. No is checked , password field is disabled and can not be edited.

Question is, should that password field label contain "*" mandatory mark?

  • There is a system that we use at my employer; normally, a certain field is not required, but when we make a change to a different field on the form, the certain field becomes required. At that time, the red asterisk is displayed, and additionally, a message is placed at the top of the form indicating that the field is required. Jun 8 '21 at 12:10
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    Does this answer your question? Conditional forms and disabling input fields? Jun 8 '21 at 13:34

You should activate (or make visible) the mandatory password field only if the "yes" radiobutton in selected.

Otherwise you can make a step by step process in which, if the "yes" option is selected, the following page asks for a password creation.

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