I am making a web page for a local client, and he advised me to put an about us paragraph below to the company logo in the footer section. like this bellow image enter image description here

I have seen these kinds of things on many pages, but the reality is, it already present on the landing page and a dedicated about us page, do we still need it in the footer?

before writing this question I came through the NNgroup blog. and there is no mention of the about us section in the footer.

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Content SEO

A homepage needs to have content, text content that search engines can read and understand.

Read more about SEO here: How to SEO your homepage

The importance of placing corporate info text on the homepage is not due to practicality or aesthetics but because of SEO.

The text on a landing page or an "About Us" page does not have the same reading by search engines as the homepage. Your client is right 😉.

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