When a screen reader reads links, should they be pronounced as 'Link button', or 'Link'?

Example: Show more... (a link): should the screen reader say 'Link button', or 'Link'?

Also, how should the screen reader read an icon button? Should it read as 'Icon button' or 'button'?

  • Do you mean that you state in each label whether it is a links or button? Because you don't have to, screen readers already read the semantics for you. Just label it with where it points to.
    – jazZRo
    May 7 at 12:21
  • No, i wanted to understand that when the screen reader read a link text then should it read it as a button or link which way is better? Ex: Show more link button or Show more button. May 7 at 14:25

'Show more button' is better because it shorter. Also 'button' supposed further action after pressing it. So button text should describe this action. Obviously 'Show more' will be link to details page as 'Save button' will result in storing entered data and 'Send button' will result in sending something somewhere. Just avoid a kind of 'Go' label on button - I mean something indefinite. Also in this case 'Go button' is more correct as you don't know is it link or some action.

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