I'm curious if anyone knows if abbreviating monthly and annual pricing as "../mo" and "../yr" will translate into all other languages? For example, if I display pricing to users as "$220/yr" or "18.33/mo"

Furthermore, I'm wondering if the "/mo" and "/yr" abbreviation is accessible for screen readers? I've seen Apple do this on their website but they use aria-hidden="true" on this portion of the text.

  • What do you mean "translate into all other languages"? Are you using an automated translation utility or something, or are you asking if non-English speakers would know what that means? Apr 29, 2021 at 21:57

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Not really, as a native Spanish speaker I can tell you the words are completely different year=año, month=mes, since they are short there is not really an abbreviation. Other languages haver their own words/abbreviations too.

That being said, you will only need to worry about it if you are actually translating the whole site to other languages and you want to keep consistency; to that purpose in some cases you will also need to change the currency sign, not every body uses $. If you are curious you can take a look to the apple site you mention and append a country suffix to see how it's handled

Mexico: https://www.apple.com/mx/

Germany https://www.apple.com/de

just to list a couple, good luck!

  • Changing currency sign depends on whether you use different currency. ;) However, depending on the country, the currency signs may be placed on different side of the text, e.g. € sign is on left in English (€ 20) but on the right in most other languages (20 €). $ seems to be used on the left more uniformly, though French Canada uses "20 $" notation.
    – Frax
    Apr 12 at 8:40

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