In my app I have a form where the user has to fullfill, the most important data is the picture to take in a landscape / tablet view i've just set a view like:

CameraPreview | TakenPicturePreview

Where the user in the same page can take the picture and retake if in the preview is blurry or other.

While I can't figure out how can I do something similar in a mobile device.

Like I can't set CameraPreview and PicturePreview as it will take the biggest part of the screen and will look "bad"

So i'm going to add a button "Take picture" which will open a dialog where the user will take the picture, but at this point, where should I show the image thumbnail? The image is a product info, should I show it in "avatar like" thumbnail over the take picture button?

Here is how it would look like with Camera and PicturePreview (black box is the camera preview when clicked on it it will set the taken picture below it):

enter image description here

And here is how I changed it with button like:

enter image description here

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