We have a tree with one click to select and double click to expand. This works well for our users and is something that would be better to keep unchanged.

enter image description here

Now we need to add another action to some of parent elements - to open this parent's content in a new window (this contains not only child elements, but also additional info about the parent). What could be the best option for this?

Considered solutions:

A) Add "open" to the action bar - not ideal, because an action which is detached from its object may be not obvious and users may not look at the action bar.

enter image description here

B) Add a button on the parent element - if add it on every element it will be too many buttons. Maybe add to only the selected one, then the question is where to place it.

enter image description here


B) Is less more direct and less stateful, and since the icon can be directly selected. B can be implemented without requiring two concepts for selecting items.

A) Requires user to understand double selection, and indicating two kind of selections - one for checkbox, one for focus. Does the 'OPEN' button open the visually highlighted item? Or all the item i've checked? Or all the items i've checked?

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