I am working on an AR map where I load a model onto the screen, and I'd like to allow the user to do the following:

  1. Scale size
  2. Move up/own/sideways, so basically X/Y axes.
  3. Move forward/backward, z axis

So for scaling I think of pinching, for moving on the X/Y axes one finger pan/drag.

What would be a good gesture to use for the 3rd use case?

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You could probably use Human Interface Design guidelines for AR and Common gestures:

For scaling they suggest this gesture:

With two hands, pinch and drag together or apart

For movement in X/Y axes:

Limit movement to the two-dimensional surface on which the object rests.

So, basically, touch and drag should move the object in two axes by default (generally, horizontal, not sure if it's X/Z or what in your case);

And then for movement on Z axis you could use some additional interaction controls. For example a handle that appears when you touch (select) the object that, when dragged by, could change z-axis. Something like what, for example, Maya uses to control dragging at specific axes (those colorful arrows can be used to drag the object on sepcific axis):

enter image description here

  • Play around with the Scaniverse app on iOS, it's a good example of how AR works out. Sep 7, 2023 at 6:53

I'd use the following gesture:

  • Two Finger Vertical Pan/Drag

Although it would require a short tutorial for the user, since case 1 and 2 logically use the most known gestures, the third case requires a sort of an explanation

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