How could one measure how your website or app scores looking at Andersons UX pyramid?

My goal would be to get a clear view of the current status per site/app to how well are we already doing and what could be improved on.

so maybe some kind of scoring mechanism that would rate different points within each block of the pyramid?

Does anyone have any ideas about this?

Thanks in advanceUser Experience Hierarchy of Needs model

here is a link(pdf) that explaines the pyramid in more detail (on page 11,12,13):http://www.starzer.net/is1/docs/seductive-ixd-chapter-1.pdf


It would be quite difficult to get the same level of granularity as the Anderson's UX pyramid, but the way that the different levels of user experience is ranked gives us a clue as to how we can possibly go about it as a starting point.

I suggest that the 'chasm' that is difficult to cross, which is at the level of CONVENIENT allows you to at least work out which side your organisation's products and services lie. And if you look immediately below CONVENIENT there is USABLE, which is a relatively well-defined quality that can be measured semi-quantitatively in many different ways (look for questions relating to measuring usability or usability testing).

There are more formal processes to dissect the various levels of experiences, again not at the granularity that the pyramid describes, but a starting point would be the Kano's model of customer satisfaction that defines 'Delighters' which can help you see if there are elements of your products/services that lie in the DESIRABLE level.

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