I have multiple interactions from one screen to another and from that screen to the next screen. At least 4 levels of navigation happens in one use case.


User lands on the data table which has many columns and multiple rows with pagination. Now the user will click on one row and gets into details of that row and perform a particular action where the user might open different popups and confirm the action.

Current Approach

Currently, I have opened up the popup with details and performing actions. But I am not confident about this approach.

Main goal

The user should not lose the context from the main screen when performing the action.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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Your options are

  1. Open the details in a separate page (big loss of context)
  2. Open the details in a popup (medium loss of context)
  3. Open the details inline in the table as part o the row (low loss of context)

So you already have a good way to keep the user in the context. I don't know if it is feasible to show your details and actions inline in the table row.


Thank you guys for your quick suggestions. I finally used popup which was actually keeping context to the user and the plan is to do a usability test now with users and see the reactions.

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