I am working on a calendar in the system to be used on a tablet, and have a question:

Calendar with horizontal scrolling

Calendar with Show Next 5 Professionals button

Imagine that you are a store manager and you want to view the calendar (in this case by week) for 2 or more professionals who are working at your store. You might want to see, for example, the calendar for 5 professionals at once in a week. So, my question is: which option is better from a UX perspective to let you see more appointments?

P.S. In this system, we are using pagination for tables, and that is why I think that pagination could be a good option for providing consistency. But there might be stronger arguments for horizontal scrolling.

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If the question is: which option is better from a UX perspective?, the best is to let the user decide which kind of interactivity fits better to his/her way of working offering both options.

enter image description here

Actually, this type of interactivity doesn't need the inclusion of extra buttons or clarification to the user. In the carousels the forward or backward buttons < > coexist with the horizontal scrolling. The buttons are very useful for desktop and scrolling for smaller screens.

See the carousels at mattel.com

  • I have no objection to horizontal scrolling per se; however, I strongly dislike the use of horizontal scroll bars, especially with recent UIs, as there seems to be a tendency to make scroll bars when not in use become invisible or shrink to small sizes which are difficult to trigger. Feb 10, 2021 at 11:37

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